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The Garment Collective

What if the clothes hanging in your closet were a reflection of something much bigger than style and trend?

Introducing The Garment Collective:

An inclusive online network of ethically minded, responsible shoppers and an exclusive opportunity to connect with others while working together to change the face of fashion. 

Join The Garment Collective as a Collective Member to gain access to our online community platform, where you’ll connect with people who are collectively joining in a broad and nuanced conversation about how our fashion choices reflect our personal commitments to ethics and sustainability—and confidently stepping away from the sale racks at the mall.  

As a Garment Collective Member, you’ll master three areas of responsible fashion:


Get clarity on your true style so you can avoid the dreaded "I have nothing to wear" moment while staring at an overstuffed closet.


Because you’ll master your style, you’ll find contentment with what you have and learn to shop less, making your investments more meaningful and impactful.


When it’s time to fill holes in your wardrobe, you’ll know how to shop responsibly, plus you’ll be able to apply ethical and sustainable principles to other facets of your life.

Your Membership Includes:

  • Master Your Individual Style - Learn The Garment’s signature Capsule Wardrobe Method where we help you develop a collection of words and principles that reflect your true style—who you are, and who you want to be. Once inside The Garment Collective, we’ll support you in using this method to build the wardrobe that supports and reflects your full and vibrant life.
  • Buy/Sell/Trade - Exclusive access to The Garment’s long-awaited Buy-Sell-Trade platform where you can swap and sell pieces of quality, responsible clothing that is no longer working for you.
  • Community Connection - Connect in authentic relationships with other Collective Members coming together to build and refine the skill for building a responsible wardrobe, and to lean into the incredibly nuanced conversations around practicing ethics in our everyday lives.
  • Maker Support – Support for responsible Makers - 10% of each membership goes towards resources to support our Makers.
  • Early Access to Virtual Pop-Ups – Receive access one day early and get first dibs on the featured garments. #believeusyouwantthisasthebestthingsgofast

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